General Questions

Engaging a lawyer can be expensive. However, entering into some situations without legal assistance can be more costly. That’s why its important to find the right lawyer for the situation. To discuss the merits of your legal issue with an experienced lawyer feel free to contact us here.

It depends on how we can help you in your situation, normally we will ask you for information about your legal issue, take you through the relevant law and then advise you of the practical and commercial considerations. We will try and give you a few options for you to consider and see how we can best guide you through this important time.

Aside from having three highly-skilled lawyers with experience in a wide range of law, Armstrong Lawyers offers the individual client contact and value for money that can only be obtained from a smaller firm.

Armstrong Lawyers will attempt to find the solution that works best for you. Very often, this will involve handling the case without recourse to the courtroom.

No, all of our first consultations are no obligation, so if you do not want our help after the first consultation there is no obligation to provide further instructions to us.