The Business team at Armstrong Lawyers brings a depth of business expertise and negotiating know-how to the negotiating table, and are available to assist and advise through all stages of the process of bringing an agreement or contract to life. Whether you require our help with the negotiation of terms, in the drafting and arrangement of those terms, or both, our team is ready to assist. With years of experience in advising on and drafting of contractual agreements, deeds and other binding instruments, our team is the ideal choice to not only create the instrument you need, but also to ensure the minimisation of the risk of future disputes arising out of that agreement.

Armstrong Lawyers enjoys an ongoing relationship with its corporate clients and our skills allow us to provide advice on and clarify the key interests between stakeholders, as well as early identification of any potential risk factors. Whether you are in the process of entering into a new agreement, or restructuring or redrafting an existing one, the skills we provide will allow you to develop short and long term strategies for maintaining your agreements and commercial relationships long after the ink has dried.

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