Experienced Wills and Estates Advice

Law Institute of VictoriaOur lawyers are experienced in Wills and Estates Litigation and other general Wills and Estates matters, which enables us to deliver sound legal and practical advice to clients.

We provide services in the following areas of Wills and Estates:

Challenging a Will

A person who hasn’t been provided for, or who has been insufficiently provided for, under the Will may make a claim, so long as they are under the view that they should have been provided for.

Estate Administration

We provide practical advice and assistance to executors and administrators of estates. This includes preparing an application for grant of probate, realising the assets, acting in respect of any challenges to a Will and then making the necessary distribution of assets.

Superannuation Claims

We provide practical advice and assistance for Superannuation Death Benefit or Disability claims or complaints in:

  • the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal; and
  • the Supreme Court of Victoria.
Drafting Wills & Powers of Attorney

We provide legal advice regarding:

  • Drafting Wills;
  • Granting Powers of Attorney; and
  • Estate planning, which includes consideration of companies, trusts, superannuation funds and jointly held property.