Yesterday, a Sydney organic food supplier challenged supermarket giant Woolworths over the supermarket’s latest marketing campaign.

On 16 March in the Federal Court of Australia, Organic Marketing Australia, which trades as Honest to Goodness, alleged that Woolworth’s Honest to Goodness Family Meals campaign that features the prominent chef Margaret Fulton infringes its intellectual property, objecting to the use of the phrase “honest to goodness”.

Honest to Goodness operates as an importer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor and online retailer of organic and natural foods.

In Woolworths’ Honest to Goodness campaign, the supermarket’s “fresh food chef” Margaret Fulton states, “I’m proud as punch to be bringing my Honest to Goodness Family Meals to Woolworths” and promises honest prices and fresh food.

A Woolworths spokesperson said the supermarket strongly denies the allegations made, stating that ‘honest to goodness’ is a commonly used term which Woolworths and other parties should be free to use.

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