The late Grace Fraser was an Australian landscape architect who left almost $1.5 million for charities. In her will, Ms Fraser left her Mt Eliza property valued at $910,000 to Trust for Nature, while 11 other charities and relatives shared in the remainder of the $1,486,700 estate.

However, the executors of her will were uncertain as to what should be done when the house had been sold before Ms Fraser passed away last year.

Since the property no longer forms part of the estate, the executors have gone to the Supreme Court to determine whether Ms Frasert’s dying wish could be granted by giving the proceeds of the house sale to Trust for Nature, a group that protects native vegetation in Victoria.

Alternatively, the proceeds would go into the residue of the estate so that Trust for Nature gets nothing and the other charities will share $1.3 million instead of $286,000.

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